Design Package Includes

  • Concept board of products + 2 revisions
  • 3D Renderings + 2 minor revisions
  • Layout + elevations
  • Specification of products included + product list
  • Discounted price list with the option to purchase
  • Your company’s branding on design packet
  • Option for us to work directly with the client
Starting at just $600/room

What is Vevano Pro Consult & Design?

Vevano Pro is a partnership between you and the Vevano design team. We take your client’s budget, aesthetic, and even your company’s branding to create the ultimate design value. We dedicate a designer to your project who can complete a design for you and your client in as little as 72 hours with prices starting at $600 per room. So what are you waiting for? Let’s talk about what Vevano Pro can do for your brand.

Vevano Pro Consult & Design

All the benefits of in-house designers.

At a fraction of the cost.

Benefits For You (and Your Clients)

The whole purpose behind Vevano Pro is to work with you to provide the best design experience and value for both you and your clients. Here’s how we do that:

  • Dedicated designer for every project

  • Special pricing incentives

  • Referral fee/partner bonus

  • Delivery straight to the job site

  • Finished designs to meet deadliness

  • Branded package with your company info

  • Keeping specified products within budget allowance

  • Product expert to ensure all products are a fit for the client/project

Contractors and Professional Remodelers

Guiding clients through a home remodel is a long process, from finding out what the client needs and wants to making those desired changes. Oftentimes it’s hard to visualize exactly what the finished space will look like. That’s where we help — using images of the space and measurements, we create a photorealistic rendering of what the finished result will look like.

Who is it for?

Interior Designers

Looking to expand your offerings? Take more time for you without slowing down your workload? We can help, whether you’re looking to scale your services or have more time to yourself. Work with a brand that will work with yours to offer the right style to your clients at an affordable price to you.


Most clients have a few things that annoy them about a potential home. What if you could show them the full potential of those problem rooms, or those spaces that just need a touch of updating? Our designers and 3D renderings can imagine the potential for any budget, which can help clients imagine the possibilities as well. It’s a great way to add additional value to your realty services with ease.

New Construction Builders

Trends shift over time, so let us worry about what works functionally and aesthetically so you can focus on your clients. We work seamlessly with your team to present renderings, elevations, and product lists to provide transparency every step of the way. We also take any feedback to further personalize the rendering.

Property and Estate Managers

Update your property quickly and efficiently, saving yourself time by working with a dedicated designer who understands priorities, aesthetic, and budget allows for a much smoother project. Not only that, but when you have questions there’s only one central support team to ask instead of several. Our designers can work with any space, from studio apartments to single family homes to large estates.

House Flippers

There are quite a few steps to flipping a home, from assessing what you want to change to installing new fixtures, we know how many steps there are in that process. We help by taking care of the design aspect, providing 3D renderings, elevations, and detailed product and price lists. All branded with your company in mind to fully wow your clients.

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